How to Choose the Best USB Hub?

When deciding for the best USB hub, you must consider the following hub characteristics:


USB ports, their number, generation and overall capabilities are the most important aspect of any USB hub. Your chosen device can be super-cheap and offer 10 ports, but what is the point if every port is of USB2.0 type that offers much lower maximum data transfer speeds and needs significantly more time to transfer your pictures, movie or working files.

In other words, pay attention to the USB ports generation and depending on your preferences, choose the devices with at least a couple of USB3.0 ports.


Although power charging isn’t a must, it can make your life much easier and offer an additional power charging tool that would be more than appreciated by always power-hungry smartphones and gadgets.


What is the point of a device if it doesn’t work with your computer? Yes, you guessed right, none.

Therefore, in order not to end up in this type of scenario, read the small print and be sure that the hub you are buying is fully compatible with your devices, and that way, save yourself from a lot of future trouble.