When you are selecting your docking station, it is important to make the right choices. If the docking station you are selecting is not compatible with your laptop or if it does not match your requirements correctly, then it will lead to performance issues. Your laptop will be slowed down and it will affect your daily productivity.

There are chances that your USBC hub could slow down your laptop. If the USBc hub or if your docking station has any faults, it can affect the speed of your laptop. Unless you test your laptop with a docking stations or USB c hubs of the same configuration, it would not be possible for you to isolate the issue.

The issue could be at various levels and you need to perform a step by step diagnosis. First, you need to establish that your laptop is not generally slowed down because it has been few years since you purchased your laptop and as part of aging, your laptop has naturally slowed down.

It could be that your laptop slows down regardless of the type of laptop dock that you connect. If your laptop is performing well without the dock and if it slows down with all types of docks, then you do not have much room to play around. You need to either live with that speed or change your laptop.

The third scenario could be that it does not work well specifically with the docking station that you currently own. It could be either because the laptop is not compatible with the docking station or the dock is flawed. In this case, by changing the dock, the performance of your laptop should be restored.

Before ordering your docking station or USB c dongle, try to screen as many brands as you can. Check the reputation of the brand and the credibility of the product. Is the docking station built after a lot of R&D efforts? A reputed company will subject its docking station to several tests before the product is launched into the market. You should therefore find a product that has gone through such tests.

When you select the best brands in the industry, your laptop’s performance will not dwindle. You will in fact enjoy better productivity when you invest in a good docking station, as your laptop’s functionalities would be enhanced.