Top Ten New Games to Play This Year

Top Ten New Games to Play This Year

It’s time to reconnect with your loved ones. But what if you only sit in front of a laptop or console and play games? Well, that’s okay too. Just make sure you’re playing new releases that have been out for less than a year so you don’t feel like an older man by visiting Gaming News. Here’s a list of the top eight new games this year.

  1. Bio shock Infinite

Players assume the role of Booker DeWitt, a former Pinkerton National Detective Agency member. When Booker receives a collection order from Elizabeth to find her and return her to her city of origin, he reaches out to an old friend and a gambler. Together they head to board The First Lady airship, which will take them to their destination.

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  1. Street Fighter X Tekken

Combines two legendary franchises into one fantastic game. It combines the Street Fighter characters from Capcom’s Street Fighter series ¬†fighting game favorites from Yoshinori Ono’s Tekken series. Game modes include Versus Mode, Story Mode, and Training. Offline game options include Versus AI and Player Match, while online game modes include Ranked Match, Player Match, and Tournament.

  1. Metro Light

Inspired by the internationally bestselling novel Metro 2033, it is the second chapter in a game series based on the writings of Dmitry Glukhovsky. The game offers atmosphere and depth rarely seen in today’s releases, where every decision can have emotional and tactical consequences.

  1. FIM Motocross World Championship

Is a racing video game for the Xbox 360. The game features bikes from 125cc to 500cc classes and will be available in retail stores across North America on March 19, 2013.

  1. Sleeping Dogs

A rival gang has recently infiltrated a group of Triads known as the Sun On Yee, and the only person who knows who the informant is Jimmy. After being caught and beaten, Jimmy escapes with the help of an undercover cop, Wei Shen.

  1. Saints Row IV

The leader of a gang was elected as a governor when the gang was just on the state of coming up. Now the gets a new twist with the invasion of the aliens and the aliens decides to transport the group members to a bizarre-steel port.

  1. The Last of Us

The Last of Us introduces players to a post-apocalyptic world that creates an engaging drama filled with the tension of survival and the bonds of love. An insensible menace has significantly changed the general appearance of the nation. Several years later, infected people run mad and the uninfected are left fighting for survival and in search of food and shelter and a conducive environment away from the infected ones.

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  1. Batman

Batman is a game that completely revolutionizes the gaming industry. This is different from your typical action-adventure game with combat as its focus.


In conclusion, these top 8 games offer a variety of genres and experiences for gamers to enjoy in Gaming News, showcasing exceptional graphics, storytelling, and game-play that have earned them their place among the best in the industry.